Uportula, Dhupdhara and Xaalpara Health Awareness Camp

In the early part of 2015, Lota Boro, a resident of Uportula was driven to commit suicide by the insidious accusations and rumours rife in his village against him. A hardworking man tending to his little timber business , Lota Boro’s prosperous household was a sore point for many in the village. In a village that believed in appeasing the Gods instead of seeking medical attention during illness, Lota Boro too followed the traditional practice. He also conducted ritualistic practice to help the other villagers who sought his help, to ward off their illness. Such beliefs rather than reaching the nearest health centers, naturally led to many deaths.  Lota Boro’s prosperity did not go down well with the other quacks and witchdoctor who seized these deaths as weapons to spread rumours against him. They incited the villagers saying he was casting evil spells that was resulting in the deaths. The rumours grew so strong and potent that it drove Lota Boro to commit suicide.

After the incident when Mission Birubala talked to the villagers, it was found that over 90 percent of the villagers believed in the potency and existence of witch craft. To impede such incidents in the future, the Mission, together with District Mobile Medical Unit and the Joint Director of Health organized two  free health camps in the village. Similar camps as well as awareness drive were also organized at tribal community dominant areas of Dhupdhara and Xaalpara.