Thuljung Rabha

Victim – Thuljung Rabha

Husband  — Sachindra Rabha

Village – Jedduba

Police station – Bajengduba

District – East Garo Hills

Year — 2009

This incident occurred in the year 2009. Residing in the same village as Thuljung Rabha is a woman Alka Rabha who presides over rituals and religious worship. During one such ritualistic conduct Alka apparently is possessed by  a spirit who proclaims Thuljung to be a witch. The next day the villagers gather and in a public meeting , they accuse Thuljung of being a witch and beat her up mercilessly and drive her out of her home and the village itself. They leave her grievously injured at the cremation ground of Barali village. Her husband  follows her  and takes her to a relative’s house in the Barali village. She is treated for her injuries and the couple move to Nabang where they take refuge at a kind person’s home for four years. They are however unable to severe their ties with their village and Sachindra Rabha falls sick and expresses a wish to return to their village.

Thljung gets in touch with Birubala Rabha and conveys their wishes. Birubala Rabha connects with the village headman of Jedduba and warns him to take Thuljung back into the village or face legal actions taken up by the DC and SP of the district in such cases amounting to  imprisonment. The couple have been  living in Jedduba village since 2013 and have not faced any untoward incidents.