Rutila Rabha

Victim – Rutila Rabha

Husband – Dwijen Rabha

Village – Shyamaguri

Police Station – Tikrikilla

District – West Garo Hills ( Meghalaya)

Year — 2013


Rutila is a daughter by first marriage. Having separated from the first husband of Sangphang village, her mother marries for the second time with Dhananjay Rabha of Shyamaguri village. Rutila accompanies her mother to their new home. They have no issues from the second marriage and
Rutila remains their only child. She is married off to Dwijen Rabha  who moves into Rutila’s home. Their neighbour’s young daughter falls sick and in a delirious condition utters that in her dreams  Rutila appears as a witch. The grandmother of the child makes the rest of the villagers aware of this incident. The villagers hold a public meeting and declaring Rutila to be a witch, chase her away.

Rutila’s aunt takes her to Birubala Rabha  who immediately rushes to Shymaguri village . She tries to convince the villagers about the truth and cautions them against superstitious beliefs but the villagers are unrelenting. Birubala Baidew stays back for the night and the next morning holds a meeting with all the people of the village at the police station with the aid of local administration. After much deliberation the villagers give in and take Rutila back into their fold.