Rupali Gam

Rupali Gam is a …………… year old lady belonging at Lachon Gaon of Majuli of Jorhat district. She got married after passing HSLC and continuing her higher study to B.A from her husband house. In her early married life, she often faceting  misscowse for which she leads to go a faith healer seeking care from  this problem. The faith healer told that due to an witch spirit, she was unable to cons if and she need to wear ‘Tabiz’. After wearing the ‘Tabiz’ she able to give birth three(3) children and thus she tried to income happy.

After few years, one day the villager arranged a holy rituals for wellbeing of the village. They invited a faith-healer from a far place to do this rituals. As she was a famous faith-healer, all the villagers were eagerly and devotedly flowed him. During this procedures he told that due to a touch of an aspicious lady, he lost his power to predict. He uttered the name of Rupali Gam as the culprit lady. Though the villager not physically assaulted her, but they wanted to suspend from her job as a Mead-day-meal cook. The villager belief that if their children eat the meal serve and cook buy Rupali, then it may be cause of death as she is a witch. But in this crisis moment, ‘Mission Birubala’ come forward to help her. Mission Birubala went to that village and called a public meeting where the members of  the mission get successes to negotiate the matter. Now Rupali is working in that school as a educator.