Pratima Rabha

Victim – Pratima Rabha

Husband – Sahendra Rabha

Village – Bogadol, Tilapara ( Assam Meghalaya Border)

Police Station – Tikrikilla

District  — Goalpara

Year – 2013

Pratima Rabha and her husband are daily wage earners. They have three sons. The village headman, Sarbeswar Rabha’s daughter Nirmali, had been suffering from malaria and due to lack of modern medical attention slowly became weak and succumbed to the disease. The deodhani  or        of the village cast aspersions on Pratima to be a witch who had cast a spell on Nirmali resulting in her death. On the night of 13th March,the headman’s son and son-in-law, on hearing this charge at Pratima’s with daos with the intention of hacking them to death. Pratima’s husband fell at their feet and implored them to desist from carrying out their intentions.  With great difficulty, he was able to ward off the acute danger that night but they were terrorized by the incident. On discussing the incident with a few people, Sanjay Rabha, a pharmacist by profession and their well wisher, contacts Mission Birubala. The very next day, led by Birubala Rabha, together they arrive at Pratima’s house and take stock of the situation. Their constant appeal  for discussions to resolve the issue falls on deaf ears and the villagers refuse to relent. The team continues the efforts the next day again and finally manages to get around some people. Consistent efforts by the Mission members yields results and to this day there have been no repetitions of the incident.