Mission Birubala Activities in Jorhat, Tinsukia and Dibrugarh (January – February, 2014 )

Cases of witch hunting has been on the rise in the state of Assam since the 90s. It has been noticed that with the increase in cash crop cultivation, influential people with vested interests have been known to swindle poor widows, single adult women and men out of their meager land holdings taking advantage of their lack of education and backwardness despite these small plots of land being their only source of sustenance. In many cases they have been driven out of their homes, tortured and killed on the suspicion of being witch.

To bring an end to the barbarous and inhuman practice of branding a victim as witch and then subjecting them to heinous torture and death, it was necessary to enlighten the  society about the pitfalls of such practices as also to garner the support of local organizations, administrative bodies and agencies, student groups to fight against this evil. In an age of exponential development in the fields of science and technology, these practices have continued to cloak the nefarious intentions of avarice.

In this fight against a social evil of witch hunting, that has its tentacles rooted in every aspect of social living, Mission Birubala has deemed it necessary to establish a platform with the support of local administration, police, legal aid, health service personnel, college faculties and aware citizens to resolve such incidents.

Under the leadership of Birubala Rabha, a group comprising of Usha Rabha, Jitumoni Pathak lecturer at Dudhnoi college, Ikshikunandan Rabha, Dr Natyabir Das, Indira Rai Brahma and four victims Anjali Hajong, Padumi Rabha, Buduli Rabha and Sishudevi Hajong toured three districts of Upper Assam. They were joined by Arpana Bora, Arun Neog, Aditya  and Nayanjyoti  and a few more at Jorhat.