Lakshmi Rabha

Victim  — Lakshmi Rabha

Village – Jurigaon

Post Office – Rongsai

Police Station  – Tikrikilla

District – West Garo Hills ( Meghalaya)

Year — 2010

Biharilal Rabha, a resident of Jurigaon, has a daughter who never quite recovered from an operation and remained sick most of the times. Biharilal Rabha, visits the local deodhani, looking for answers to her ill health. The deodhani, a witch doctor, proclaims Lakshmi Rabha , Biharilal ‘s paternal aunt, as a witch who has cast an evil spell on his daughter.

On hearing this, the villagers get together in a meeting to discuss the event. Oblivious to the developments taking place, Lakshmi Rabha was out in the fields fishing. While returning she is informed by a woman from the village that her presence is required at a meeting organized by the villagers. At the meeting she comes to know of the grave allegations against her. The villagers, having branded Lakshmi and her daughter as witches assault the women leaving them injured grievously. Lakshmi Rabha is taken in an unconscious state to the medical center by her daughter – in – law’s family and treated there. After recovery, Lakshmi Rabha is compelled to take shelter with her daughter-in-law’s family for one year and three months.

While the Lakshmi’s son and daughter – in- law are permitted to stay in the village paradoxically Lakshmi and her daughter are not. In the meantime, at the behest of Biharilal fish and betel nuts from Lakshmi’s property are sold off. On hearing this entire episode, Birubala Rabha single handedly with the aid of legal help manages to put an end to these activities. She takes Lakshmi Rabha back to her village to talk to the people. However, the villagers are in no mood to relent. Birubala then invokes legal help and with its support manages to reinstate Lakshmi Rabha in her village.