Bedeswar Rabha

Bedeswar Rabha is a 45 years old man belonging in Hatimura village of Goalpara district. He is a daily wage labour in profession. With spouce and two young boy, his family is fulfill.

Bedeswar Rabha is involving in traditional treatment method of diseases. He can cure patient from several disease by offering ‘Bon-oukhodh’. One night the villager called him for a public meeting and that meeting he was brutally assaulted by them. They blamed him as a man who has evil power. According to the villager, he broke the stain of a temple and tied the god in his house. So the God getting irrited and used to harm the villagers. In this condition, ‘Mission Birubala’ informed DC and SP of Goalpara district to take effective initiative in this case. At last, with the help of  District Administration, Biswa Hindu Parisad, Rabha Student Union, Mission Birubala able to solve this case.