Awareness Drive At Margherita College – 3rd February 2014

The Department of Political Science and the Department of Education of Doomdooma College organized an awareness drive against Superstitions and Evil practices in the garb of tradition at Margherita College and later at Doomdooma college itself. Both the events were well attended by students as well as local aware citizens whose queries were addressed by the members of Mission Birubala. It was discussed how such practices continue to thrive even amongst the educated strata of the society. The members of the team elucidated how death due to medical science ignorance was palmed off as that of the spells of a witchcraft practitioner. It was highlighted how traditional quacks and  shamans pointed at a vulnerable member of the society to ward off any accusations for causing death to the afflicted. To keep protect their business interests, these sly rumour mongers with vested interests have kept alive the superstitious beliefs in  spirits and genies among the local populace. It was emphasized at the meeting how important it was for a specific and a potent law to be in place to teach a lesson to these elements of the society.