Anjali Hajong

Anjali Hajong is a 32 years old widow of Dhamor village of Goalpara district. She has two girls, whose age are 14 years and 8 years. After the death of her husband she has to struggle a lot for her life. As she is a young widow, some young boy started to tease her and also tried to sexually assault. But she denied to respond them and used to.

One day, she was coming from market. It was a rainy season and around  1:00pm. Sunday. A group of 10 people came to her and started to physically assaulted. She has being labeled as a witch for what she faced that assaultation and admitted in a hospital with serious injuries. She got back her sense after three days of the incident. Hearing that incident, ‘Mission Birubala’ went to Dhamor village and negotiate the matter. Mission Birubala was able to find out the investigators and change the village

headman who was supported to took place the incident. Now Anjali Hajong is a active member of Mission Birubala and come out to fight against this ageold superstitious belief.