Mission Birubala is a non-profit making progressive organization founded by some conscious people of Assam, namely those from Guwalpara, Kamrup (Rural) and Kamrup (Metro) districts of the state. This organization is committed towards providing support to the survivors of witch hunting and developing a scientific outlook among the community members who believe in such superstitious acts. The chief functionary of this organization, honorable Birubala Rabha, had been solely working since 1985 to eradicate social evils like Witch hunting in different parts of Assam and Meghalaya. When a few socially sentient people became aware of the works of Birubala Rabha, they decided to extend a helping hand to her so that they can get rid of the societal tribulations and form a better society. While working as volunteers in Rural Assam and North Eastern region of the Country, they realized that these survivors had lost everything that they had. It was the agony of these survivors and their anticipation to live motivated these volunteers to work as an organized group. And thus, Mission Birubala came into existence in 2011. Finally, this organization got registered as an NGO on 30th of September, 2012 under society Registration Act 1860.