About Birubala Rabha

Honorable Birubala Rabha, the founder of Mission Birubala is known for her strong determination and upright nature. She was born in the year 1949 to Sagarbala Rabha and Kaliaram Rabha in a remote village named Thakurbila of Goalpara District in Assam-Meghalaya border

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About Mission Birubala

Mission Birubala is a non-profit making progressive organization founded by some conscious people of Assam, namely those from Guwalpara, Kamrup (Rural) and Kamrup (Metro) districts of the state. This organization is committed towards providing support to the survivors of witch hunting and developing a

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‘Mission Birubala’ is basically working with witch hunting issue.

  1. Rescue and Rehabilitation
  2. Awareness Meeting
  3. Sensitization Camp
  4. Free Health Camp
  5. Formation of Student-Cell
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Know Us

With the birth of Mission Birubala under the leadership of Birubala Rabha in the year 2011, a reinforced fight against witch hunting was launched. It was the vindication of a sixty year old woman’s lone struggle against the strong clutches of age old superstitions that victimized both men and women and subjected them to heinous atrocities. Mission Birubala is the reinforcing of an extraordinary woman’s strong belief that crimes against men and women in the garb of witch hunting must be stopped at all cost.

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Mission Birubala Working Cell

To make pertinent the Mission’s efforts for the common villagers and also to establish a  thread between them and the intelligentsia, it became imperative to organize smaller units called Working Cells in various areas. These were initiated in colleges and educational institution like SerfanguriJanta College, Dudhnoi College, Dhupdhara College, Tinsukia College, Pragjyotish College and Chabua College. These helped in keeping an eye on any incident that could lead to cases of witch hunting.